Modular Kitchen in Meerut

Modular Kitchen in Meerut

 Welcome To Shree Haridha Industries.

 We are the leading Manufacturer and supplier of Modular Kitchen in Meerut .
Even we have an wide Range of Modular kitchen in meerut ,in today's scenario .

All Our Modular Kitchen Cabinets and Shutters are made in Our Industrial Unit in Meerut, India. 

We are committed to the concept of 'Make in India' and religiously practise it. 
We are Manufacturing Modular Kitchens for over 200 kitchen vendors across the nation. 

Apart from that We strive to make your Modular kitchens as yummy as your food preparation. Design Indian Kitchen Groups are leading Modular Kitchen Manufacturers & Suppliers across New Delhi-NCR & North India territory. 

We have an elite team of Interior Designers, Product Specialists, and Project Managers to make your Kitchen 'A Masterpiece'. We have ethical commitments using high quality products and a dedicated team of installers. 

We use special Imported Fittings and Fixtures( From Austria, Italy & Germany ) which have lifetime warranty of usage along with using Waterproof/Termite-proof Modular Wooden Cabinets and Shutters for a Long Lasting and Durable Product.

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Modular Kitchen Furniture Manufacturer in Meerut

We Shri Haridha Industries Are Known as The Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Meerut ,Best Modular Furniture Manufacturer in Meerut,Also for Modular Kitchen Furniture Accessories.
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  1. I love to redesign my kitchen with unique ideas happy to see the result

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